FAQs | Economics

Here are a number of frequently asked questions about the Economics department and its courses. If you need additional information that you cannot find on this site, contact the Department Chair:

Nancy Caldwell
Telephone: 604.599.2619
Voice-mail: 9379
E-mail: nancy.caldwell@kwantlen.ca

Do economics courses have prerequisites? 

First year level courses do not have any prerequisites. Second year courses do. To see the specific prerequisites for all economics courses, visit the Calendar.

Can I still take a course for which I do not have the necessary prerequisites? 

No, all prerequisite courses must have been successfully completed prior to registering in a particular course. Prerequisites ensure that you have a good chance of succeeding. Try to take all prerequisites needed for upper level courses as early as possible. It is a good idea to plan ahead to avoid any roadblocks.

Who decides which textbooks are being used for a particular course? 

Each instructor decides which textbook(s) to use for a course. Before buying a textbook, make sure that you know your section number and the instructor of the course you are registered in.

Where can I buy my textbooks? 

Textbooks can be purchased in the bookstores located on each campus. For example, if you are taking an economics class in Langley, the textbook used in this class will be sold by the Langley bookstore.

What can I do with a degree in economics?


Economics provides you with a set of skills and knowledge that is applicable in many areas. Whether you are planning to go into management, the public sector, journalism, law, or finance, economics gives you the foundation. Most economics courses are designed such that they help you understand how the economy works and answer broad questions such as why did some countries grow faster than others?


What kind of economics degrees can I pursue at Kwantlen?


At Kwantlen, we are offering three programs in economics. First, the Associate of Arts Degree with a specialization in economics. This degree can be completed in two years. It lays the foundation for further studies at Kwantlen or at other institutions. The second program that we are offering is the Diploma in Business Administration. This two-year program offers full and part time study opportunities to earn a business credential. Thirdly, we are currently offering a BA Minor in Economics study option. To complete this degree, you will need to take four economics courses at the 1000 and 2000 level, and 5 economics courses at the 3000 and 4000 level. If you would like more specific information, check out the Kwantlen Calendar!