Future Course Offerings



Course Pre-Planning   

*Course listings are subject to change.
**Some courses may have specific program restrictions and prerequisites. 

Please refer to Kwantlen's official timetable for detailed course and program information.

For program advising and planning assistance, please visit educational advising.

OR, to register online for a course, you may wish to access webreg.


ECONOMICS - Course Offerings planned for the upcoming year

Spring    Summer 
ECON 1101ECON 1150
ECON 1150ECON 1250
ECON 1250    ECON 2210    
ECON 2210ECON 2280
ECON 2255ECON 2350
ECON 2260ECON 3150
ECON 2350 
ECON 3150 

 BUSINESS QUANTS - Course Offerings planned for the upcoming year

Spring    Summer     
BUQU 1130   BUQU 1130     
BUQU 1230BUQU 1230


COMPUTER BUSINESS SYSTEMS - Course Offerings planned for the upcoming year

Spring         Summer   
CBSY 1105   CBSY 1105
CBSY 2205CBSY 2205
CBSY 2305CBSY 2310    
CBSY 2310