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BUQU 3230

Impress employers with new Liberal Education elective

What employer isn’t interested in making his or her business work more efficiently? A new liberal education elective gives you the tools you need to make better decisions and convince others to implement them. Students from all faculties who need a liberal education elective to complete their program are very welcome.

Led by Stephen Peplow at the Richmond campus, BUQU 3230 Applied Decision Analysis has been specially written for anyone wanting to gain an edge by learning how to improve business efficiency and profits.

The skills you’ll learn include identifying where an organisation could make better use of its resources, working out an optimal solution, and then presenting your findings. To find the optimal solution, we’ll make use of software called @Risk, which is routinely used by some of the world’s best-known large companies. The software isn’t hard to use, and is very intuitive. The types of problems we will work on include: working out an advertising strategy to make the most impact with a limited budget; supply-chain management; and the pricing of airline tickets.

Course Details: BUQU 3230 Applied Decision Analysis

From the Fall: Section R 50, 7-10pm in Richmond

Pre-requisites:  BUQU 1230; ACCT 1230; MATH 1115; MATH 2315; MATH 2341; PSYC 2300; CRIM 2103; SOCI 2365; or equivalent first-year statistics course

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CBSY 2306

Simply Accounting and Advanced Excel

Students will learn how to solve business problems using Excel spreadsheets. Students will learn to use Simply Accounting to create accounts, define settings, record transactions, perform periodic processing and reporting within the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory and Project Modules. Students will learn to use the results of Simply Accounting reports in Excel spreadsheets to analyze data in support of business decision making.

Prerequisites:  CBSY 1105 and (ACCT 1110 or ACCT 2293)

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