KPU Self Employment Program

Program Overview

Please note:  KPU will no longer be delivering the Self Employment Access program due to changing emphasis in program criteria communicated by the Federal and Provincial Governments. This will not affect clients presently enrolled in the existing program which is scheduled to end August 31, 2008. No new enrolments will be accepted. 
The KPU’s Self Employment Access Program is designed to help qualified clients meet the challenges of starting their business venture.
Why take KPU’s Self Employment Access Program? 
Our program has given past participants an advantage in starting their businesses that has led them to be significantly more successful. By employing the information and management aids you work with in workshops participants increase their success rates. The program is designed to help you identify, develop and maintain your sustainable competitive advantages. 
An important aspect of the program is the business experience of the instructors and participants’ access to individual coaching and guidance. 
Program Structure (47 weeks): 
Phase 1 (first 10 weeks) 
During this phase of the program you receive thorough, realistic, hands-on training and individual counselling to create your business plan and become consciously aware of the strategies needed to make your business successful. 
During this phase clients meet as a group weekly for three three-hour sessions and receive one-on-one counselling. During the remainder of the time each week client’s work on the necessary research and completion of work needed to launch their businesses. 
Phase 2 (final 37 weeks) 
This is the business launch stage of the program. Clients continue to meet three times per week for the first five weeks attending various workshops offered to assist you with issues that arise during our business start-up. After this initial five weeks clients meet once every second week in workshops to continue to address common issues arising in the first year of must businesses. 
Clients continue to receive one-on-one mentoring during this phase. 
Program content includes business strategy, opportunity analysis, business plan development, primary and secondary market research, negotiation, sales training, legal and tax topics, understanding their financial statements and a number of other relevant topics. 
Note: Program participants receive a wage subsidy for the duration of the 47-week program. 
Is KPU’s Self Employment Access Program right for you? 
Are you someone who: 
  • Has a definite career preference to start your own business. 
  • Possesses the technical skills and experience appropriate to your business concept. 
  • Possesses entrepreneurial qualities and a demonstrated willingness to make a personal and financial commitment toward your new venture. 
  • Possesses a well-defined business concept(idea). 
  • Is currently receiving Employment Insurance (EI) benefits or has received EI benefits within the last 3 years or parental benefits in the last 5 years. 
  • Possesses the willingness to devote at least 35 hours per week to your business for the duration of the program (47 weeks). 
  • Have access to a minimum of $3,500 to $5,000 in cash and/or assets to invest immediately into the business. Many new business owners raise these initial funds by borrowing against personal assets.
  • Note: Proof of these amounts is required. 
  • Is legally entitled to work in Canada. 
Benefits of KPU’s Self Employment Access Program 
Students receive first-rate training 
  • The programs core instructors are KPU Melville School of Business faculty all of whom have operated their own businesses. 
  • Classroom workshops are intensive, comprehensive with work continuously centred on your business concept. 
  • Participants have access to KPU’s Learning Lab’s, computer labs and libraries with a valid KPU library card during the entire 47-week program. 
  • Excellent Results 
  • We concentrate on client’s success rate once they have launched their businesses. KPU’s Self Employment Access program has a proven track record in assisting entrepreneurs launch new businesses with a significantly higher success rate than the national average since inception of the program in 1997.