Kwantlen recognized with BC Hydro’s 2012 Power Smart Excellence Award

Sun, Oct 28, 2012

(L-R) Maurice Bedard (maintenance coordinator, KPU) and Karen Hearn (executive director, facilities services, KPU)
with KPU’s 2012 Power Smart Excellence Award.

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October 29, 2012

Kwantlen recognized with BC Hydro’s 2012 Power Smart Excellence Award

(Metro Vancouver, BC) – On October 11, BC Hydro recognized Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) with a 2012 BC Hydro Power Smart Excellence Award for the fifth time. Committed to energy conservation, KPU maintains a distinguished history of accomplishment with BC Hydro and continues to lead the way for other local and BC businesses alike.

“Kwantlen’s significant leadership in energy conservation is achieved through our great partnerships with BC Hydro, the province of British Columbia, many service providers, and our campus community,” said Karen Hearn, executive director, facilities services, KPU.  “We are privileged that our leaders have invested in projects that create energy efficiency, and in result, allow Kwantlen to use approximately 50% less energy than other universities across North America.” 

KPU’s detailed energy reporting system is one of the most comprehensive in the education sector. In fact, the university’s total amount of avoided energy use for the last decade is enough to power 2,079 homes for one year. In 2011, the energy conserved by KPU was adequate to power 241 homes for the entire year. Tracking, reporting and evaluation efforts provide the university with a keen understanding of operations; strategies implemented include:

  • An Energy Management Assessment which further improved reporting and feedback mechanisms.
  • Collaboration between the energy manager and executive management ensure energy-savings initiatives are quickly implemented.
  • Installed interval meters for electricity and gas to enhance their building management system; allowing facilities employees to monitor and control energy at a detailed level and identify new energy-savings opportunities.
  • Energy awareness and training program for staff, students and faculty, including toolbox training sessions for field service people, detailed website and dashboard, as well as information booths.

Each year BC Hydro recognizes business customers and retail/industry partners that demonstrate a best-in-class approach to energy management and conservation. The 2012 Power Smart Excellence Awards honour finalists from a range of categories including: Energy Conservation Commitment, Energy Manager, New Construction, New Technology, Conservation Partner as well as National and Regional Retailer.

Kwantlen dedicates time and resources to encourage and educate the community about the benefits and responsibility of participating in energy conservation and other sustainable initiatives. For more information, visit:

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For more information about Kwantlen’s energy conservation strategies, contact:
Karen Hearn
Executive Director, Facilities Services
Tel: 604.599.2442

For more information about Kwantlen, contact:
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Director, Marketing and Communications
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