Sustainability & Energy

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As recognized leaders in energy conservation for over a decade we wish to share with you what steps help to achieve significant and continued energy use reduction, details of what Kwantlen has accomplished and ideas to enhance your conservation activities.

While energy conservation is our greatest strength with Kwantlen's energy consumption 50% less than the average for post-secondary institutions across North America (see table below) the Facilities Services Team extend our conservation focus to reducing and recycling waste, designing environmentally responsible buildings and supporting actions to reduce the production of carbon emissions.

Total Energy Cost per SF with Purchased Utilities 2012 – 2014


APPA Chart
Awareness & Training – energy consumption dashboards, building operator training, green tips, presentations, website, case studies, etc.
Sustainable Building Design – for new construction & renovations – build it to reduce the environmental impact 
Energy Management Action Plan – developed annually to capture what has been achieved and further projects and actions for the future    
Energy Consumption Records – To measure and compare consumption, identify trends and opportunities.
Government Reporting – SMARTTOOL, Carbon Neutral Action Report

You are encouraged to download resources from this website and modify them to best suit your needs. It is our hope that you will be motivated to take action to further reduce your environmental impact.

For further information, please contact:

Iain Hunter:
Director, Maintenance and Operations
Facilities Services