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Recycling & Composting

​KPU is taking recycling to the next level!

The university will expand its recycling program to include non-refundable metal, glass and plastic (numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5) containers. That means you can start recycling items such as plastic yogurt containers, metal soup cans and jars that do not have deposit refunds attached to them.

Last year, KPU expanded its recycling and waste program to include organic waste collection. With the additional plastic, metal and glass items, KPU is able to divert from the landfill everything from food scraps and refundable bottles and cans to newspaper, magazines, envelopes, handouts, paper coffee cups and sleeves, and plastic sandwich containers purchased from Tim Hortons and Grassroots.

What do they look like?

Refundable Recycling

What can I put in them?

Bin Locations Refundable Recycling Refundable Recycling Bin Locations Bin Locations
  • Organics
  • fruit & vegetable peelings or leftovers
  • food scraps
  • bones, fish, meat & poultry
  • cheese
  • tea leaves & bags
  • Refundables
  • plastic bottle
  • pop cans
  • glass bottles
  • Non Refundables
  • plastic containers
  • tin cans
  • jars w/o deposit
  • plastic #1, 2, 4, 5
  • Paper
  • newspaper
  • magazines
  • envelopes
  • flyers, posters, brochures & handouts
  • coffee cup sleeves
  • Waste
  • STOP! Is it really garbage?

Where are they located?

Look for them in the following locations:

Surrey Richmond Tech Langley

Bin Locations

Bin Locations Bin Locations Bin Locations