Energy Consumption Dashboards



We have installed real time energy consumption dashboards to provide detailed energy consumption information of actual energy use compared to historical energy use which is displayed 24 hours a day over the Internet.

This information can be displayed to show current use as well as daily, weekly, monthly and annual consumption. There are tabs to separate energy types and the dashboards also have the ability to track water. Another key feature is scrolling tips and information related to energy use to help raise awareness on energy conservation and sustainability issues.

The purpose of these dashboards is to provide us with real-time data on how much we're consuming. That way, we can analyze the information, and improve on how we use and save energy.


Dashboard 1:   You can view the energy consumption on a typical day at our Kwantlen campuses (Cloverdale, Langley, Richmond & Surrey)

Dashboard 2:  You can view the energy consumption for the Instituted for Institute for Sustainable Horticulture (ISH) Research Lab at the Langley campus.

Using the Dashboard:

  • The image below shows weekly consumption and has text that illustrates how this type of information can be used to evaluate energy consumption to identify issues and opportunities.

        Weekly Consumption Graphic