Students at KPU Tech get boost from Bosch Home Appliances

Tue, Nov 27, 2018

Kwantlen Polytechnic University appliance service technology students will be practising on some of the most modern devices thanks to Bosch Home Appliances.

The company is providing a range of its latest products for the students to work on as they develop their skills, plus practicum opportunities to give them a chance to use those skills outside the classroom.

“The support of Bosch Home Appliances allows KPU students in the program to train on the latest smart home appliance rapidly being introduced into consumer homes,” says Dave Fengstad, instructor, KPU Appliance Servicing.

With access to the latest products, students will have the opportunity to learn on the Internet of Thingstechnology. The Internet of Things is a network of physical devices, such as home appliances, that are connected to the internet or other objects that ‘talk’ to one another via sensors, software and other connectivity.

“Introducing a line of smart home appliances to technicians in training offers in-depth information in a rapidly growing industry and the future of appliances,” says KPU student Alyssa Gilmore. “It can allow us to follow the innovative technology that’s been introduced in the appliance market to better prepare us for our roles as service technicians.”

The agreement includes supporting the learning experiences for appliance servicing students and supporting the program through product donations, which includes repair parts and technical educational materials.

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