Open Textbooks

Did you know that KPU is the leading institutional adopter of open textbooks in British Columbia? Open Textbooks are textbooks that have been published with an open license and are therefore a type of Open Educational Resources (OER).

Open textbooks are available to students free of cost in digital formats and at relatively low cost in print format. Many open textbooks are accompanied with ancillary resources such as question banks, slides, instructor manuals, and adaptive quizzing platforms. The development of open textbooks are funded by philanthropic organizations, governments, universities, and professional societies to ensure that faculty authors are compensated for their labour.

Research at KPU has shown that students assigned open textbooks perform the same as or better than those assigned expensive commercial textbooks.

Open Textbook Repositories

BCcampus (includes available Canadian editions)

Open Textbook Library

Additional Resources

Interested in finding, adopting, or even adapting open textbooks or other kinds of OER but unsure of where to begin? Email us at and we would be delighted to help.