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Open Education

Open education is a philosophy about the way people should produce, share, and build on knowledge. Proponents of open education believe everyone in the world should have access to high-quality educational experiences and resources, and they work to eliminate barriers to this goal.

At KPU, open education is supported through the creation, adaptation, and adoption of open textbooks and other open educational resources (OER) as part of our Zed Cred initiative, support for open pedagogy, and the use of open-source educational technology.


Did you know that you can finish your first year of courses at KPU with zero cost for textbooks? KPU now offers Canada’s first Zed Cred program. The "Z" in Zed Cred refers to zero textbook costs by way of using open educational resources and/or library materials, while the “Cred” refers to the Certificate in Arts credential, a flexible yet foundational 1-year program based on the completion of 30 credits of coursework.

Watch the following video to see how you can search the Academic Timetable for course sections with zero textbook costs.

Faculty and Staff

Learn about about open textbooks and other OEROER grants, and open pedagogy.

Keep abreast of upcoming events, new resources, and funding opportunities by joining the Open KPU listserv.

Interested in finding, adopting, adapting, or even creating OER? Email us at to request support.