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Open Educational Resources (OER) Grants

Open Educational Resources

The Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant program provides funding and staff support to KPU faculty members interested in creating, adapting, and adopting open textbooks or other OER (or engaging in other forms of Open Pedagogy). The OER Grant program is adjudicated by the Open Education Working Group and supported by KPU's Open Publishing Suite (OPUS). Faculty are encouraged to consult with Urooj Nizami (Open Education Strategist) prior to submitting an application. Three levels of OER Grants are offered:

1. OER Adoption Grant

2. OER Adaptation Grant

3. OER Creation Grant

OER Adoption Grant

The Open Education Working Group (OEWG), in collaboration with the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA), has established an OER adoption grant to support faculty who wish to adopt OER in place of commercial textbooks and to recognize the efforts involved in implementing this change.

Individuals or teams teaching multi-section courses may apply for the grant. Successful individual applicants are eligible to receive up to a $500 towards the professional development activity of their choosing. Teams may receive up to $1,500 towards a group event, project or activity. Annual funding for the OER adoption grant fund is $10,000.

Ultimately, the purpose of the OER adoption grant is to reduce the cost of education to students while maximizing access to, and use of, textbooks and other learning resources, by all students--regardless of their financial circumstances. However, it is recognized that for pedagogical and practical reasons it may not be possible to adopt OER in every course/discipline.

Note: A project that has received support through an OER Creation or OER Adaptation Grant will not be eligible for an OER Adoption Grant.

Application guidelines

•    Applicants must be regular faculty members.
•    Faculty members or teams may only submit one application per course.
•    The open textbook/OER must be a required resource for the course, replacing a commercial textbook or resource.
•    The adoption of the OER must reduce the cost to students and increase their use of a learning resource.
•    The number of course sections offered per year will be considered when adjudicating applications.
•    The grant will be awarded to faculty or teams following their successful adoption of an open textbook or other OER. 
•    The OEWG will put out a call for applications each semester. 
•    The OEWG will review applications until the available funding has been allocated.

File OER Adoption Grant Application form

OER Adaptation Grant

OER Adaptation projects may include proposals to adapt existing open textbooks by updating or localizing them, making them interactive by incorporating H5P applications, or developing ancillary resources (such a question banks) to support existing open textbooks, including in collaboration with students (via open pedagogy) or with other faculty collaborators.

KPU faculty who wish to apply for an OER Adaptation Grant are encouraged to contact the Office of Open Education to develop their proposal.

In addition to enabling significant cost savings to students, it is hoped that through OER Adaptation Grants faculty at KPU will gain the experience and expertise to ensure that OER adopted at KPU are revised in a timely fashion and that their lifespan can be extended and tailored to meet our students' needs. Faculty will also gain awareness of the values and practices associated with open pedagogy and a critical appreciation of the reciprocal relationship between pedagogy and evolving OER. Funded projects should ideally evaluate the impact (e.g., on students), including by conducting a study of student perceptions and/or impact on learning outcomes.

OER Adaptation Grants are funded by the Office of Open Education and adjudicated by the Open Education Working Group. Grant recipients receive funding up to $2000, in addition to in-kind assistance through Open Education, the Library, and Teaching & Learning Commons.


Regular faculty at KPU may receive an OER Adaptation Grant. The intent is to distribute funds to maximize direct benefits to a wide range of student learners and across a diversity of disciplines. Faculty members, individually or jointly, as well as course teams may submit grant proposals.

Eligible expenses

  • Support for KPU student assistants (e.g. locating relevant OER, assisting with integrating OER into course websites, providing assistance with research, etc.).
  • Honoraria for external collaborators or contributors.
  • Development of data collection instruments and support for data collection and analysis.
  • Conference registration fees, such as for the Open Textbook Summit or Festival of Learning.

Note: These grants are limited to $2000 and so may not be applied to time releases for instructional faculty. 

Expectations of Grant Recipients

  • Publication of the OER with an open (Creative Commons) license.
  • Publication of the OER in an open, editable format (e.g., Pressbooks).
  • Acknowledgement of the support from the OER grant in the publication(s).
  • Storage of the OER in an open repository (e.g,. KORA).
  • The OER will follow the guidelines in the BC Open Textbook Accessibility Toolkit.
  • Participation at OER workshops or seminars during the project.
  • Sharing of experiences with the KPU teaching and learning community.
  • A brief summary report (up to 2 pages) submitted upon completion of the project.

In Kind Contributions

Grant recipients will receive support from the Office of Open Education and the KPU Library's Open Publishing Suite (OPUS), which includes assistance with identifying suitable OER, the application of Creative Commons licenses, training in the use of the KPU Pressbooks platform, checks for accessibility, copyright, and attributions, light copyediting, cover design, peer review, and formal publication. Grant recipients will also receive assistance from Teaching & Learning Commons staff, who may assist with instructional design and integrating the OER into Moodle.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The extent to which they include curation, adaptation, or creation of OER
  • The inclusion of plans to re-use the OER in courses in subsequent semesters
  • The potential reuse of the OER by other instructors
  • The number of students impacted by the displacement of commercial textbooks or other educational resources
  • The application of principles of open pedagogy
  • The plan for the ongoing review/update of the OER (if applicable)

Application Process

  1. Review the information in the application form
  2. Complete all sections of the application form
  3. Sign the form and obtain the signature of the Dean of your Faculty
  4. Submit your application to

Applications will be reviewed three times a year (May 3, September 1, and January 10) until the available funding has been allocated.

File OER Adaptation or Creation Grant Application

OER Creation Grant

OER Creation projects may include proposals to author new open textbooks in areas of need. OER Creation Grants are funded by the Office of Open Education and adjudicated by the Open Education Working Group. In addition to project funding up to $2000 and in-kind assistance from Open Education, the Library, and Teaching & Learning Commons, successful applicants for OER Creation Grants will also receive up to $2000 towards any professional development activity of their choosing.

KPU faculty who wish to apply for an OER Creation Grant are encouraged to contact the Office of Open Education to develop their proposal.

The eligibility, eligible expenses, expectations, in-kind contributions, evaluation criteria, and application process for OER Creation grants are identical to OER Adaptation Grants. Applicants should use the same application form for OER Creation Grants as for OER Adaptation Grants (see above).

Past OER Grant Recipients

Creative Commons License
This page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Note: KPU's OER Adoption Grant was inspired by Douglas College's OER Incentive Grant. Language used to describe this grant has been adapted with permission.