Open Education Working Group

The Open Education Working Group (OEWG) brings together key stakeholders from across the institution to provide advice and support for KPU's open education initiatives.

Specific goals of the OEWG include (but are not limited to):

  • Raising awareness about open educational resources (OER)
  • Making OER more discoverable
  • Providing opportunities for training with OER creation, adaptation, and adoption
  • Providing opportunities for training with open pedagogy
  • Organizing campus-wide events during Open Education and Open Access weeks
  • Planning and developing the ZTC Initiative
  • Marketing and communicating KPU's open education initiatives, both internally and externally
  • Applying for internal and external grants to support KPU's open education initiatives
  • Encouraging research on open educational practices
  • Developing policies, procedures, and practices in support of OER adoption and the ZTC initiative

In addition, the OEWG serves as the adjudication committee for OER grants.


  • Teaching & Learning Commons
    • Associate Vice President, Teaching & Learning (Chair)
    • Open Education Strategist (1)
    • Teaching & Learning Strategist (1)
  • Dean (1)
  • KPU Library
    • University Librarian
    • Scholarly Communications Librarian
    • Systems Librarian
  • Faculty (2-3, from different program areas)
  • Open Education Research Fellow
  • KPU Bookstore Manager
  • Kwantlen Student Association representative

Other members of the KPU community are welcome to participate as members at large.

Operating procedures

  • Committee members who are faculty will normally be expected to serve for a two-year period. Appointments are renewable.
  • Resources and administrative support will be provided by KPU Open Education.
  • The Committee will meet in person at least once per semester. If a committee member cannot attend an in-person meeting, a delegate may attend on the member's behalf. The committee is ongoing.
  • A majority of committee members present at the meeting are required to pass a motion. A quorum will comprise six members.

Minutes of previous meetings