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Open Education Research

Book cover for Open: The philosophy and practices that are revolutionizing education and science, edited by Rajiv S. Jhangiani and Robert Biswas-Diener. Cover shows a door being opened with light shining through the opening.As Canada's leading institutional adopter of open educational resources, KPU supports scholarly research on a wide range of open educational practices. 

Open education research at KPU has looked at student perceptions, use, and performance from open textbooks vs. commercial textbooks and digital vs. print formats (Jhangiani, Dastur, Le Grand, & Penner, 2018), patterns of open textbook adoption (Barker, Jeffrey, Jhangiani, & Veletsianos, 2018), faculty use of OER (Jhangiani, Pitt, Hendricks, Key, Lalonde, 2016), impact on student outcomes (Jhangiani, & Jhangiani, 2017), as well as different approaches to open textbook development (Jhangiani, Green, & Belshaw, 2016). Notable is that much of the research on open textbooks at KPU is among the first in Canada.

Other open education publications authored at KPU include a discussion paper of the how open educational practices support institutional strategic excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship (Carey, Davis, Ferreras, & Porter, 2015), a discussion of tensions within the open education movement (Jhangiani, 2017), and an edited volume about open education, open science, and open access (Jhangiani & Biswas-Diener, 2017).

Available Support

Support for open education research at KPU includes an Open Education Research Fellowship, an annual Open Education Research Institute, and scholarly inquiry grants. Faculty at KPU have also received external open education research awards including the Open Education Group's OER Research Fellowship and the BCcampus Open Education Advocacy & Research Fellowship.

Note: Portions of this page have been adapted from The range of B.C. research on open by Tannis Morgan, which was published with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.