Benefits of the Program

Partners-in-Marketing provides real-world experience for students, while providing businesses with fresh marketing perspectives.

Acceptance into the program

  • Provides access to marketing resources – students – to local businesses – you!
  • Connects you with potential future recruits.
  • Leads to potential improvement in sales and profitability for your business.
  • Increases community involvement for both KPU and members of the Surrey Board of Trade.
  • Partners-in-Marketing improves the bottom line for your business. By partnering with KPU's Melville School of Business and the Surrey Board of Trade, your company will have an opportunity to develop new and/or refine existing marketing initiatives.

Why Marketing is Important for Your Business

Marketing is a comprehensive discipline that helps your business successfully execute on the 4 P's.

  • Product – developing the products (goods and services) that customers want
  • Price – understanding the market and pricing your products correctly
  • Place – helping to ensure that your products are available where and when your customers want them
  • Promotion – developing the communications program that helps you to determine what and how to best communicate with your customer to awareness and action

An effective marketing plan will help your business to:

  • Create awareness with your target market
  • Develop a more consistent and stronger brand image
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Lead to referral business from your satisfied customers
  • Improve your revenues and profits