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Introductory Physics – for KPU PHYS 1100


This book has been derived from "College Physics" by Paul Peter Urone, Roger Hinrichs, Kim Dirks and Manjula Sharma. College Physics is published by OpenStax College at Rice University. "Introductory Physics – for KPU PHYS 1100" represents chapters and sections of College Physics directly relevant to Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Physics 1100 as selected by T. Sato. I wish to thank the original authors and everyone involved in this open resource project whose works make it possible for me to select material in this manner. Special thanks go to my KPU Physics colleagues for supporting my use of College Physics and to Clint Lalonde of BCcampus for giving me the impetus to produce this remix.

Takashi Sato claims no credit for the content of this book other than this note itself.


Takashi Sato – May 2023

Vancouver, Canada


This free and open resources has been brought to the attention of British Columbia users by the Open Textbook initiative of BCcampus. BCcampus has also facilitated the print-on-demand system.

This book is available in several formats:

* (recommended) PDF (free download)  introductory-physics---for-kpu-phys-1100-2015-edition-13.1.pdf  [68MB]

* (recommended) Hardcopy print-on-demand (order online here)  The current (Sept 2023) cost for hardcopies are $45.05 for colour but only $14.75 for B&W, plus free shipping from Burnaby, BC to any KPU campus.  See instructions here for free shipping. 

PDF (free download - smaller file for printing, hyperlinks disabled)