Summer 2012 seat availability at Kwantlen (A-B)


This page lists the course seats available for the term. This list is updated only four times daily, at 6:45 AM, 11:45 AM, 3:45 PM and 7:45 PM. Note the Last Updated time shown below. For up-to-the-second seat availability, students can log in to myKwantlen, and use Search for Courses to Add in the Registration Menu.

PLEASE NOTE: Although it may appear that a seat is available, there may be an exisiting waitlist in place for which that seat is reserved.  To find out if a section has an exisiting watilist, log onto myKwantlen and Search for Classes to Add in the Registration Menu.

Click on the links below to list courses starting with those letters.

How to read the seat availability

Course location

The Section code indicates course location. For example:

S10 - Surrey
L10 - Langley
R10 - Richmond
C10 - Cloverdale


Course delivery modes


Students registered for a course designated "Online" do not meet for a face-to-face class; however, they may need to be on campus once or twice a semester for in-person exams. Online courses are distinguished by an "A" and by section numbers 74-78: for example, A75 indicates an online course.

Partially online

Students registered for a course designated "Partially Online" (formerly designated "Mixed-Mode") take part of the course online and meet for part of the c ourse in a face-to-face class. These courses are distinguished by the campus (R, S, L) and section numbers (74-78) : for example, R75 indicates the partially online course meets in Richmond.

Registration Update

Seat Availability


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