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B.Sc. in Applications of Mathematics

Note: Information for existing Math B.Sc. students can be found at the bottom of this page

The B.Sc. Minor, Major, and Honours degrees in Applications of Mathematics launched the fall of 2014 on the Surrey campus of KPU.

The degree provides students with three options: Biomathematics, Computational Mathematics, and Mathematics Education.

The Biomathematics concentration prepares a student for a career in the growing field of biomathematics, including modelling and biological applications of mathematics.

The Computational Mathematics concentration is highly customizable, starting with a basis of mathematics and computing science courses and allowing the student a great deal of flexibility in specializing in their field of interest.

Students choosing the Mathematics Education concentration will take physics, biology, and computer science for a breadth of knowledge in science, and they will also have an introduction to the theory and practice of education, particularly as it applies to the field of mathematics.

Students in all three options will study a solid core of applied mathematics courses. They will have the opportunity to complete a capstone senior project in which they will engage in independent investigation of an area of interest.

This program will provide students with a solid foundation to move directly into careers, teacher education programs, or graduate studies in related mathematical fields or in mathematics education.

For more information, check the B.Sc. in Applications of Math Program Description, and check the Post Credential and Career Opportunities page to see what you can do with the degree.


Students who plan to take the B.Sc. in the Applications of Mathematics are advised to the Science and Horticulture Degree advisor as early as possible. As some third and fourth year courses are only offered on alternate years, it is very important that you plan ahead in order to be able to complete your degree in a timely manner.

Below is a list of the planned offerings over the next few years. However, please note that due to budgetary issues, changes in enrollment, or other issues, planned course offerings can change from time to time and may do so without notice. Use this table as a general guideline only.

Offered every Fall and Spring:

  • Calculus I and II
  • Math 2232 Linear Algebra
  • Math 2341 Intro Stats for Business
  • Math 2335 Intro Stats for Life Sciences.

Offered every Fall:

  • Math 2321 Calculus III Multivariable Calculus

Offered every Spring

  • Math 2315 Probability and Statistics
  • Math 2331 Introduction to Analysis
  • Math 2410 Discrete Math

Please contact before entering your final year to make arrangements to complete Math 4350, Senior Project.

Information for Existing Math B.Sc. Students


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