Navjot Barney

M.Sc. (GNDU, India), M.Phil (GNDU, India), Provincial Instructors Diploma (VCC), Biologist in Training (ASPB and COAB)
Surrey Office: Fir 106
Surrey Campus: 604-599-2213

Courses taught

  • BIOL 1110, BIOL 1210, BIOL 2321, BIOL 1160, BIOL 1260, BIOL 4160, BIOL 4260, BIOL 4360 and BIOL 4130

Areas of Interest

Throughout 32 years of experience, my passion continues to grow for teaching as I continue to engage in betterment for learning and development. Over my tenure, my teaching interests would center around creating an inclusive, interactive, and student-centered learning environment that promotes hands-on experience, critical thinking, collaboration, safety, ethics, and the integration of technology.