Biology Web Links
Biotech Lifesciences Dictionary This site can be used for finding definitions to those biological terms that you don't know!
The Biology Project This site offers information on a variety of Biological subjects including: Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Chemical & Human Health, Developmental Biology, Human Biology, Immunology, Mendelian Genetics, and Molecular Biology.
Cell & Molecular Biology On-Line This site offers resources such as laboratory protocols, research, textbooks, publications, images, career information, and other cool stuff.
Biology Hypertextbook MIT has developed an on-line textbook. If you are looking for another point of view on a topic check this out!
Ingenta This is an excellent search engine for researching scientific papers. It can search for articles in biology, environmental science, nursing, medicine,chemistry and physics.
California State University BIOWEB This site is a search engine for Biologists. It lists specific topics such as Biochemistry, Botany, Cell Biology, Environmental Science, Invertebrate Zoology, and many more. If you're working on a research project this may help you out!
Species At Risk This web site reviews all the threatened species in Canada.
The Electronic Zoo This site is linked to a variety of animal related topics including general information, scientific publications, veterinary information, organizations and much more.