Patrick Duffy

(Faculty) PhD (UBC, 1995), BSc (Hons, UBC, 1987), ASc (KPU, 1985)
Patrick Duffy
Phone: 604.599.2550
Richmond Office: 3345
Richmond Campus: Fax: 604.599.2716

Patrick is an alumnus of KPU, having studied there starting in the fall of 1982. After receiving his ASc from KPU in 1985, he went to UBC and completed his undergraduate degree in 1987, focusing on microwave spectroscopy.  Graduate school followed; it was while he was a graduate student at UBC that he realized he wanted to become a teacher.  Patrick started at KPU in the fall of 1991 as an auxiliary lab instructor (while he was still working on his PhD) and, after he received his degree in 1995, he made the gradual transition from lab instructor to course instructor.  As a course instructor, he has taught and developed many of the preparatory and first-year courses that KPU now offers. He has also occasionally taught KPU's second- and third-year physical chemistry courses.

In his spare time, Patrick enjoys a really good cup of tea, fine chocolate, music, travelling, photography, and spending time with his cats Jimmy and Mr. Mojo.