How to Navigate Sex

It's all about Consent

Consent is when a person gives permission for something to happen or makes an agreement to do something. It can be related to everyday activities or sexual activity. Consent is an important part of healthy relationships and communities.

You must get consent before and at each stage of a sexual interaction.

“Can I kiss you” or “Do you want to go further?” or “What are you looking for in a sexual experience?” or “What are you comfortable with” or “Where are your boundaries?” or “How are you going to set those boundaries”

You must get consent when the activity changes – like going from making out to intimate touching.

“Can I try something different?” or “Do you like it when I do this?” or “Should we grab contraception?”  or “What would you like to try?” or “What do you definitely want?” or “What do you definitely not want?”

You must get consent even if you have had a sexual interaction before.

“Do you want to have sex again?”

Remember that…

Consent IS

  • A freely given and enthusiastic yes
  • Ongoing, continuously discussed
  • Can be taken away at any time

Consent IS NOT

  • Coerced or manipulated
  • Intoxicated or incapacitated

More about consent

To learn more about consent, here are some great videos

Consent: Have the Conversation—This video was created by the University of Carleton and contains an encouraging, diverse and assertive message promoting the practice of consent. (2012, 1:36)

Let's Talk About Consent—Written, produced, and directed by NYU students and alumni, this short video reflects 18 hours of interviews with students and recent grads at NYU and across New York City who shared what consent means to them, and the importance of starting a brave conversation on campus (2014, 3:43)

Consent—This animated video developed by Thompson Rivers University defines consent and describes consent in both everyday and sexual relationships. (2018, 3:01)

Tea Consent—This viral video asks viewers to think about consent as a cup of tea. (2014, 2:50)

The information in the section about consent was provided by KPU's Student Rights and Responsibilities Office.