Week 6

Week 6: Week of Blowouts (Except 1) 

Week 6 we see 2 massive blowouts with the Oilers dominating the 0-5 (now 0-6) Thunder 80 - 52. Top performers from the Oilers included Ollie who scored 34 points and big man Ryan with 17 points and 8 blocks. The next blowout was Splash Fam absolutely taking it to the Hoopers and Shawn 98 - 65 and ending the game 4 minutes ealier than needed. Never before have we seen Hoopers quit so early in a game. Splash Fam could not miss and rode a league high 45 point night from Afan. 

Game of the night honours goes to the Lakerz and Golden State. A close match the entire game, Golden State came back from a small lead at half to win by 1. The ending of this game was as close as it can come in KPU League Basketball. At about 1 minute to go, the game was tied and Sumer from Golden State hit back to back 3's to create a 6 point lead. This was followed up by a Laker 3 to bring it back to a 1 score possesion. Following, crowd favorite Niko had the dagger opportunity off a clutch steal to put up a 5 point lead with 15 seconds left on a wide open fast break lay-up. Missed. This missed opportunity led to a Lakerz 2 and the game was put within 1. On a beautiful call from the referee, Golden State was called on a bad inbound pass and the Lakerz were given possesion with 9 seconds remaining and the chance to take the lead on a field goal. The Lakerz missed 3/3 (Vedant 2 and Parm the game winner) shots to take the lead and suffered their 5th loss of the season. 

Play of the night: Mo making a steal on the 6th Man and posterizing Gibran back to high school on a full extension dunk. #GETTHATOUTTAHERE


Week 6   Total   Total 
  6th Man  47 Free Agents  53
  Hasan  16 Shaz 2
  Goldy 20 Mo 35
  Mohammed  6 TJ  8
  Josh  2 Josh  6
  Sukh 0 Sarb  5
  Terry 0    
  Gibran  14    
Week 6   Total   Total
Game 2  Thunderz 52 Oilers  80
  Amrit  6 Gur  8
  Leon  2 Ollie  34
  Jaskaren 14 Ryan 17
  Parm 13 Andy  
  Braden  11 Martin   
      Ashish  19
      Mo  6
Week 6   Total   Total 
Game 3  Hoopers and Shawn 65 Splash Fam  98
  Shawn  13 Afan  45
  Bhavan 22 Sunny  6
  Parm 17 Hamza  9
  Prab  0 Shel  4
  Sumer  11 Noman  21
Week 6   Total   Total
Game 4  Golden State  66 Lakerz 65
  Sumer  18 Vick  
  Ekum  12 Karn 15
  Krishan  20 Andy  7
  Faran  9 Vedant  22
  Niko  4 Parm  14
  Goldy  0 Amir  4
      Gurpreet  0