International Insurance Student Global Mobility Fund

What: The Student Global Mobility Fund will support the participation of domestic and international students and faculty in international experiences and programs. Considering that one the biggest barriers to pursuing studying abroad opportunities is the financial burden, students accepted into a study abroad program will be able to apply for a scholarship up to $2000 to support their study abroad endeavours. This scholarship will be awarded twice per year: once in the fall and once in the spring. Scholarships will only be awarded upon acceptance into the program of choice.

AMOUNT: Upto $2,000 CAD

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible, students must have applied to/been admitted to a KPU Study Abroad Exchange program. The selection committe will consider overall academic accomplishments, extracurricular involvement, and alignment of personal and career goals with international expeience.

Domestic and International students as well as faculty in international experiences and programs.

Note: If you have previously received this award to support your international experience, you might not be eligble to re-apply and receive it again. Please check more with your study abroad coordinator if that's the case.


  1. Read all the information carefully and complete all the requirements. Students interested in applying for this scholarship must complete the International Insurance Student Global Mobility Fund section of the application. 
  2.  Request reference letters in advance.  Reference forms must be sent to directly from the referee. References provided for the study abroad program will be accepted for this application if they are not older than 1 year. You may choose either to provide 2 Faculty Reference Forms or a combination of 1 and 1  Community Involvement (Volunteer Experience)/Work Experience Reference Form
  3. Submit the application and transcript in by the deadline to Applications that are incomplete after the deadline will not be reviewed.   

  4. Email and meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator to confirm your plans and ask any questions. 

    By applying for this scholarship, students are also agreeing to participate in a study abroad experience sharing activity, and agree to the terms stated on KPU’s photo, video, and digital medial release form.  Students accept that KPU International will use the content to promote its study abroad programs and its scholarships, and consent to the publishing of their name and materials in support of KPU International promotional efforts.  

    In addition, KPU international acknowledges and recognizes International Insurance as the donor for the Student Global Mobility Fund. In accepting the fund, the student confirms and agrees to provide the following GMF Donor Recognition.docx personal note of thanks to the door. 

APPLICATION FORM:  KPU Study Abroad General Awards Application.pdf There is no need to print it as it can be completed and signed digitally. 

DEADLINE: Same as the deadline for the study abroad experience. Please refer to the study abroad application or email a Study Abroad coordinator for more information.  


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