Accepted Nominees will be Contacted via e-mail.

This information is for students applying to come to KPU on Exchange through one of KPU's Partner Institutions. Specifically, this is for the Spring 2021 Virtual Exchange Program.

An Exchange Student is a post-secondary student from one of KPU's Partner Institutions who is nominated by their home institution to come on Exchange to KPU for one or two semesters. The Virtual Exchange Program is an online semester of 1-4 courses taken by exchange stduents.

Please follow the directions carefully as only complete applications will be accepted. 


Download the following spreadsheet to fill in your personal details:  Incoming Exchange Applicant Details .xlsx

You will also be asked to fill out your preliminary course selection (detailed below) for course approvals in the same spreadsheet, so you will need to be ready to upload the file on the next section of this application. 


Please prepare a list of 5-8 classes that you may wish to take at KPU and that you will be able to transfer back into your program. Checking with your home institution advisor would be a great start! Providing a larger list will maximize your chances of obtaining the necessary number of courses required, and to ensure that you meet our course approval deadlines.  

Please type in the courses including the course title and number.You can find all the relevant information from this catalogue.

For example, if you want to take Fundamentals of Business in Canada (BUSI 1100), you would include "BUSI 1100" in your list.


Please have a scan of your passport photo page ready to be able to enter your details and upload the scan of your Passport on the next section.


Please ensure to submit your transcript document/file using the following name format:

"Firstname Lastname_ Name of Document"
e.g. John Smith_transcript 




Once you have collected the above, submit a completed package to


Application deadline: October 26, 2020

Sorry… This form is closed to new submissions.

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