Volume 9, Issue 3, January 2017 - Educational Development of Students and Teachers

Transformative Dialogues: teaching and learning eJournal

Volume 9, Issue 3, January 2017

Educational Development of Students and Teachers

Support for student engagement, learning, and safety are all critical elements of the university and its experience for both students and faculty. This issue elaborates on many related and interconnected aspects of these challenges and issues and provides much food for thought.

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Boosting Learning through Engagement and Support - Alice Macpherson and Alice Cassidy

Literature Review

Teaching Reflective Learning in Higher Education: A Systematic Approach Using Pedagogic Patterns; Edited by Mary Elizabeth Ryan - Adam Vincent, Kwantlen Polytechnic University


Thirty is the New Fifteen - Wes Hanzuk and Lynne N. Kennette, Durham College

Helping Students Become Self-Mentors: Implications of a Goal Setting Assignment - Sarah E. Schoper, Western Illinois University

From Student to Instructor: Reflections on Receiving and Issuing Digital Badges for Educational Development - Gabrielle Lindstrom, PhD (c) and Patti Dyjur, PhD, University of Calgary

Articles and Essays

Enhance Student Engagement through Leadership Strategies - Qijie Cai, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Engineering Students’ Well-Being Experiences: A Freshman Year Experience Program - Tanju Deveci and Nader Ayish, College of Arts and Sciences, The Petroleum Institute

Female Students with acquired Brain Injury: The post-secondary experience - Kendra Gottschall and David C. Young, St. Francis Xavier University

Addressing Sexual Violence on Post-Secondary Campuses is a Collective Responsibility - Rebecca Godderis and Jennifer L. Root, Wilfrid Laurier University

Conversations in a Coffee Shop: Voices from within a community of teaching practice of university science faculty - Anne Marie Ryan, Alexandra Arnott, Roderick Chisholm, Laura deGelleke, Lara Gibson, Debra Grantham, Stephanie Kienast, Martha Mullally, Tetjana Ross, Allison Schmidt, Leanne Stevens, and Elizabeth Welsh, Dalhousie University

Intersubjective Knowing: An Innovative Model in Graduate Level Course Design - Deb Martens, MA, BA, Independent Scholar, Laurel Tien, MA, PhD student California Institute of Integral Studies, and Erin Woodford, MA, B.Ed, DHMP, University of Prince Edward Island


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With grateful thanks to the Reviewers for this Issue:

Al Valleau, Betsy Newell Decyk, Deborah K, Dennis Dahl, Jen Miller, Jonathon Parrish, Judy Gnarpe, Laurel Tien, Lesley Hemsworth, Maree O’Keefe, Margy MacMillan, Martin Jenkins, Nancy Chick, Stephanie Chu, Suzanne May, Alice Cassidy, Balbir Gurm, Alice Macpherson.

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