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Assessments & Feedback

This resource is designed to support you with connecting your learning outcomes to options for summative assessment that may be delivered online.

The starting point for this process is Bloom’s Taxonomy, which identifies levels of learning goals, moving from basic competencies (remembering content) to more advance competencies (creating knowledge). Bloom’s Taxonomy can help you to reflect on your course learning outcomes and focus on what you would like your students to be able to do by the end of the course.

The final stage requires linking the learning outcomes to a set of options for online summative assessment. (PDF icon Online Participation Rubric Samples.pdf)

Note: For mobile users, this resource is best viewed on a landscape screen.

Bloom’s Taxonomy  

Learning Outcomes 

(Students will be able to…) 


(How students may demonstrate their learning) 


Recall facts and basic concepts

  • Recall  
  • List  
  • Draw  
  • Show  
  • Select  
  • Define  
  • Tabulate  
  • Select  
  • Identify  
  • Find  
  • Match
  • Moodle quiz  
  • Writing questions for each other to respond to  
  • Creating H5P flash cards for their peers  
  • Kaltura Video quiz 
  • Problem or case study


Explain idea or concepts

  • Classify  
  • Describe  
  • Discuss  
  • Explain  
  • Identify  
  • Recognize   
  • Interpret  
  • Infer


Use information in new situations

  • Execute  
  • Implement  
  • Demonstrate  
  • Interpret  
  • Operate  
  • Schedule   
  • Sketch


Draw connection among ideas

  • Categorize  
  • Deconstruct  
  • Distinguish  
  • Question  
  • Illustrate  
  • Distribute  
  • Estimate  
  • Explain
  • Final written research paper   
  • Research project  
  • Class journal (Open Journal Systems) 
  • Recorded oral presentation (PowerPoint)  
  • Annotated document  
  • Annotated image  
  • Annotated bibliography – individual or group 
  • Students create/propose assignment to meet learning outcomes  
  • Students create podcast  
  • Students create rubric for an existing assignment.  
  • Collaborative Video (sample)
  • Students create poster/comic/infographics and upload photo  
  • Students create poster


Justify a stand or decision

  • Appraise   
  • Argue  
  • Defend  
  • Judge  
  • Select  
  • Support  
  • Value  
  • Critique


Produce new or original work

  • Devise  
  • Design  
  • Write  
  • Blog  
  • Tweet  
  • Adapt  
  • Animate  
  • Build  
  • Negotiate  
  • Program  
  • Facilitate
  • Video:  Mini-documentary, Kaltura Media   
  • Podcast  
  • Final Project (i.e. Marketing campaign)  
  • Online Presentation using Kaltura Media   
  • Blog post  
  • Website in WordPress  
  • H5P documents  
  • Webisode/Webinar   
  • Student-created OER chapters  
  • Models or artifacts  
  • Journal  
  • Student-created case studies  
  • One drive folder (portfolio)  
  • Portfolio using WordPress