Classroom Technologies

Technology plays an important role in shaping our learning environments. In collaboration with IT and the Library, the Learning Technology team works to provide effective and useful technology tools to support your learners. Below is a list of classroom technologies that are available for the classroom.

Technology Enhanced e-Classroom

While regular e-classrooms provide the ability to connect to the wireless projector and share content with your students, the Technology Enhanced e-Classrooms are designed to provide more flexibility and inclusivity in the learning environment. These classrooms have both classroom capture and classroom streaming equipment that allow faculty support on and off campus learning. 

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TV Demonstration Cart

The mobile video demonstration cart is equipped with a 80" tv display, built-in computer, a wireless lavalier microphone and a 4K adjustable camera on tripod that allows for specific subject demonstrations without the need for learners to hover over the subject.

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Document Cameras

Portable document cameras can be borrowed from the library to easily display any small objects or documents on a desk surface and can be connected to projectors in the classroom to make it larger for learners to see. For support on how to use effectively for Teaching & Learning, contact

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Other technology/tools in the library

The library has a list of tools and techologies to support faculty in the classroom. This ranges from dongles, flip charts, cameras, microphones, iPads, etc.

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