TV Demonstration Cart


The TV video demonstration unit is designed to be a mobile instructor-teaching aide. This unit is useful for presenting content in your room by using the attached wolf vision camera, cart PC or HDMI cable, and 70" TV to teach students from a distance. Simply point the camera in the direction of the demonstration to display it on the 70" TV.

TV demonstration cart



Watch the following video on how to use TV video demonstration unit


Use Cases

The following video shows how the TV video demonstration unit can be used in a science class.


How to Access this Resource

TV demonstration carts are stored in the following locations. These carts cannot be moved between building.

KPU Surrey - in the Arbutus 2400, a TV demonstration cart is available for interested faculty to check out its functionality. Faculty and instructional staff book this demo unit to create content such as recording a demonstration that requires tactile skills. If a department is interested to use this demo cart and has pace to store it, this cart can be released to the concerned department. Please contact Teaching and Learning Commons if you are interested.

KPU Tech - There are two dedicated TV demonstration carts are assigned to KPU Tech. These demonstration carts are frequently used by CADD program.



A collection of resources to help guide your TV demonstartion cart journey.