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Transfer Credit

KPU recognizes that many of its students may wish to be granted formal recognition for knowledge acquired at other recognized educational institutions. Through the transfer credit process, a student who has completed courses at another post-secondary institution may request that these credits be transferred to KPU.

Where KPU offers an equivalent course to that taken at the sending institution, the student will be granted transfer credit for the KPU course. Where no direct equivalent is offered at KPU, unassigned credit may be granted based on an evaluation by the appropriate department.

Minimum grade stipulations may apply to transfer credit. Although transfer credit may be granted, the applicability of the credits toward admission requirements for a program, or graduation requirements, is dependent upon the particular program. You may want to consult with an Educational Advisor to ensure compliance with your particular program requirements.

In addition to evaluation of post-secondary courses, the Transfer Credit Department also evaluates courses completed in high school (e.g. Advanced Placement Program, International Baccalaureate Program).

Courses transferred from another post-secondary institution are not included in the calculation of the institutional grade point average. However, the transfer of credits and the transfer grade point average become part of the student's permanent record at KPU.

Each post-secondary institution will grant transfer credit according to their own policies. All students should be aware that transfer credit granted by KPU is not binding at other post-secondary institutions.

For further details regarding the granting of transfer credit, please read the KPU Policy on Transfer Credit & Advanced Standing and related Procedures.