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Regional Food System Online Hub

This online hub is an organized collection of regional food systems resources including extension publications, academic papers, community project reports, community initiatives, regional production and processing guides, consumer surveys, and food system assessment reports. The hub permits food producers, processors, retailers as well as community advocates and policy makers to conveniently search and access a wealth of regional food system resources to advance their work.

Food System

If you are searching specifically for local government food system policies, visit the B.C. Food System Policy Database

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Title: Working with Local Government on Food Policy: A Toolkit for Civil Society
Author: Brynne. A.

Title: Local Food Networks as Catalysts for Food Policy Change to Improve Health and Build the Economy
Author: Sadler, R., Arku, G., Gilliland, J.

Title: Yukon Food System Design and Planning Project: State of the Yukon Food System 2011/2012
Author: Chiu, C., Dorward, C., Feeney, C., Harris, G., Kissinger, M., Mullinix, K., Polasub, W., Rallings, A., Smukler, S., Sussmann, C.

Title: Local Food Futures for British Columbia: Findings from Regional Dialogues
Author: Sussmann, C. and Feeney, C.

Title: Planning for Climate Action in British Columbia, Canada: Putting Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation on Local Government Agendas
Author: Moreau, T., Moore, J., Mullinix, K.

Title: Mitigating Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Review of Scientific Information for Food System Planning
Author: Moreau, T., Moore, J., Mullinix, K.

Title: Beyond Protection: Delineating the Economic and Food Production Potential of Underutilized, Small-parcel Farmland in Metropolitan Surrey, British Columbia
Author: Mullinix, K., Dorward, C., Shutzbank, M., Krishnan, K., Ageson, K. and Fallick, A.

Title: Delineating the Southwest British Columbia Bioregion for Food System Design and Planning: A Practical Approach
Author: Harris, G., Nixon, D., Newman, L., and Mullinix, K.

Title: A Novel Methodology to Assess Land-based Food Self-reliance in the Southwest British Columbia Bioregion
Author: Dorward, C., Smukler, S.M., Mullinix, K.

Title: Towards multifunctional land use in an agricultural landscape: A trade-off and synergy analysis in the Lower Fraser Valley, Canada
Author: Rallings, A. M., Smukler, S. M., Gergel, S. E., & Mullinix, K.