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Regional Food System Online Hub

This online hub is an organized collection of regional food systems resources including extension publications, academic papers, community project reports, community initiatives, regional production and processing guides, consumer surveys, and food system assessment reports. The hub permits food producers, processors, retailers as well as community advocates and policy makers to conveniently search and access a wealth of regional food system resources to advance their work.

Food System

If you are searching specifically for local government food system policies, visit the B.C. Food System Policy Database

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Title: Places to Intervene to Make Complex Food Systems More Healthy, Green, Fair, and Affordable
Author: Malhi, L., Karanfil, Ö., Merth, T., Acheson, M., Palmer, A., Finegood, D.

Title: Land Use and Planning for Secure Regional Food Systems
Author: Beil, K., Budds, M., Hicks, E., Kennedy, D., Rencher, K., Iannarone, S.
Land Use

Title: Regional Food Systems Planning: A Case Study from Vermont's Northeast Kingdom
Author: Koliba, C., Campbell, E., Davis, H.

Title: Connecting Taxes and Willingness to Pay for Farmland Protection : A Comparison of Local and State Funded Alternatives in New York
Author: Harvey, D., Poe, G.
Food Chains

Title: Regional Foodsheds: Are Our Local Zoning and Land Use Regulations Healthy
Author: Salkin, P., Lavine, A.
Food Chains

Title: Can Cities Become Self-reliant in Food?
Author: Grewal, S., Grewal, P.
Food Security

Title: Developing A Method for Regional Food System Planning in the Sea to Sky Region
Author: Raimondi, L., Mullinix, K., Boydell, T.,Noble,M.
British Columbia

Title: Simcoe County Regional Food Distribution Hub
Author: Hunt, B., Shopland, B., Winkler, D.
Food Chains

Title: Moving Food Along the Value Chain: Innovations in Regional Food Distribution
Author: Diamond, A., Barham, J.
Value added

Title: Scaling-up Connections between Regional Ohio Specialty Crop Producers and Local Markets: Distribution as the Missing Link
Author: Clark, J., Inwood, S., Sharp, J.
Food Chains