Sustainable Agriculture Student Research Projects: 2020

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Potential of halophyte phytoextraction for saline soil remediation

Sarah-Jane Copeland, 2020

  • Key result: Salsola, a salt-tolerant salad green, did not reduce salinity associated with spent mushroom compost application any more than salt-sensitive vegetable crops.

Effects of laser irradiation, organic fertilizer, and adjuvant on corn and cucumber yield

Nikita Ershov, 2020

  • Key result: Both laser treatment and fertilizer improved yields on their own, but benefits were not additive. Laser benefits were only observed in nutrient-poor environments.

Effect of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract and powder on vegetative growth characteristics and foliar nutrient content of Vitis spp. hybrid cv. L’Acadie Blanc

Rob Hines, 2020

  • Key result: Grapevine growth was inhibited by high doses of seaweed powder but not seaweed extract.

Spent mushroom substrate for water conservation in squash production

Maria Jose Santander Mercado, 2020

  • Key result: Mulching with spent mushroom compost retains moisture and boosts spaghetti squash yield.

Fresh spent mushroom compost mulch effect on bean, broccoli, salsola, and squash growth, weed suppression, and broccoli yield

James Oswald, 2020

  • Key result: Spent mushroom compost mulch suppresses weeds but not vegetables.

Early application of Metarhizium brunneum for management of wireworm in popcorn, Zea mays var. everta

James Reinert, 2020

  • Key result: Soil treatment with Metarhizium brunneum fungus before planting did not reduce wireworm survival or improve popcorn yield.


Funding and Support:

KPU Student-Led Research Grants
Organic Path International
Organic Science Cluster III