Sustainable Agriculture Student Research Projects: 2023

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Effects of Mowing on Sphagnum Regeneration in a Degraded Peat Bog

Michael Bomford, Rue Badanic, and Jordan Roper, 2023

  • Key result: Mowing inhibits Sphagnum regeneration in a degraded peat bog.

Effect of Intercropping Wheat and Rye on Grain Yield and Protein Content

Muhammad Koodoruth, 2023

  • Key result: Intercropping heritage wheat with rye reduced wheat yield but did not affect protein content.

Growing Medium and Fertilizer Effects on Microgreens

Manon Lee, 2023

  • Key result: Radish microgreens performed best with compost substrate. Fertilizer didn't help.

Intercropping Dryland Rice and Greens for Weed Suppression

Nhi Nguyen, 2023

  • Key result: Intercropping dryland rice with spinach and turnip did not improve land use efficiency or reduce weed pressure.

Dose Response of Basil and Kale Seedlings to Black Soldier Fly Frass in Growing Media 

Oliver Rondou, 2023

  • Key result: Black soldier fly frass concentration in growing media is inversely correlated with seedling growth.

Using Agrovoltaics to Shade Bok Choy Varieties

Amanda Tam, 2023

  • Key result: Electricity compensates for bok choy yield loss in agrovoltaic systems.

Effects of Flooding and Paper Mulch on Fraser Valley Rice

Wendel Vistan, 2023

  • Key result: Rice yield was higher in flooded paddies than dry field plots and was unaffected by paper mulch.

Cucumber Response to Black and Silver Mulches

Jacob Wen, 2023

  • Key result: Black mulch favours 'Tasty Green' cucumber; reflective favours persistent yield.

Living and Non-living Mulch Effects on Ground Beetles and Weeds in a New Apple Orchard

Harrison Wu, 2023

  • Key result: Alyssum living mulch suppresses weeds during orchard establishment but does not affect ground beetle biodiversity.


Funding and Support:


City of Richmond
KPU Student-Led Research Grants