Future Course Offerings - 2024/2025

Department of Anthropology 

Tentative Course Offerings for Upcoming Semesters

(Please note that the course delivery mode may change)

Anthropology CoursesSummer 2024Fall   2024Spring 2025
1100Social & Cultural Anthropologyüü 
1200Biological Anthropologyüü 
1217Forensic Anthropologyüü 
2100Methods & Ethics in Anthropology ü 
2120Cross-Cultural Women's and Gender Studies   
2133Religion, Magic, and Witchcraftüü 
2142Indigenous Peoples in Canada   
2160Culture and the Environment   
2162Eating Culture   
2163Culture, Health and Well-Beingü  
2190Non-Governmental Organizations in Context ü 
2217Forensic Methods & Analysisü  
2250Biological Anthropology of the Human Lifespan   
2300Archaeological Methods   
2310Archaeology of Death   
2320Archaeology of the Old World   
2340Archaeology of the Americas ü 
3100Anthropological Theory   
3150Ethnographic Field Studies   
3160Environmental Activism   
3162Trash Talkü  
3171Latin America and the Carribean        ü 
3190Non-Governmental Organizations in Practice   
3211Forensic Science: Fact and Fiction   
3220Human Osteology   
3242A Survey of the Primates   
3300Archaeological Theory   
3301Archaeological Methods for Cultural Resource Management   
3330East Asian Archaeology   
3340British Columbia Archaeology   
3361Archaeological Field Studies   
3501Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Museum Lab Practicum   
3502Special Topics in Biological Anthropology   
3503*Special Topic: Frauds & Pseudoscience in Archaeologyüü 
3510Anthropology of Genocide   
4101Advanced Special Topics in Anthropology   
4500Culture, Community, and Well-Being   
4501Selected Problems in Anthropology   
4502*Regional Focus in Anthropology  ü 
4510Applied Research in Anthropology   

*Anthropology Fall 2024 Special Topic courses:

*ANTH 3503- ST.- Ancient Mesopotamia.

*ANTH 4502- ST.- Death in Ancient Japan.

Please make an appointment with an Arts Degree Advisor for further information on how these courses will fit into your program: ArtsDegreeAdvising@kpu.ca