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Future Course Offerings

Fall 2020

ANTH 1100: Social & Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 1200: Biological Anthropology

ANTH 1217: Forensic Anthropology

ANTH 1300: Archaeology

ANTH 2100: Methods & Ethics in Anthropology
Focus: “Write an ethnography”

Please note that ANTH 2100 is an Experiential Learning course.  Students will be writing an ethnography.  This will be the first year we are doing virtual ethnographic research.  Please join us!

ANTH 2133: Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft

ANTH 2190:  Non-Governmental Organizations in Context

ANTH 2310:  Archaeology of Death

ANTH 3300:  Archaeology Theory

ANTH 3503 Topic: Mesopotamia Anthropology

ANTH 4101 Topic: Power and Protest
Black Lives Matter. Idle No More. #MeToo. These refrains are found in the streets, social media accounts, and viral videos. How do we understand these movements? What does it mean to have “no justice, no peace” or to “defund the police”? This course explores the motivations, tactics, and possibilities of today’s social movements in a globalizing world through anthropology’s unique cross-cultural perspective on protest and power. Looking at current movements through contemporary anthropological theory, this course explores topics including resistance and refusal, globalization, identity, and geopolitics. Taught by Sarah Fessenden.