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Anthropology Field Class - 2018-13-min.

Anthropology at its heart, is the study of humankind. Revealing the past to understand the processes of today”. 

Inspired by “Uncovering the past” @

Artist_ Brandon Gabriel

Studying Anthropology at KPU offers students the opportunity to expand their studies of humanity across various subfields: Social/Cultural, Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Linguistics (Languages offered through LANC department). At KPU, there are many opportunities for students to apply anthropological methods in real settings, by working in conjunction with communities, individuals and/or interdisciplinary teams, to solve problems, as part of an additional subfield we call Applied Anthropology; we believe in teaching about the practical aspects of the world as well as the theoretical. 

Depending upon a student's interests, Anthropology can be applied to both arts and science credits. As an Anthropology student at KPU, students have the option of focusing on a Social/Cultural or Archaeological/Biological stream.