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Biological Anthropology

The biological study of human physical variation, including the study of human ancestors and closely related primates.


Recommended Courses

For an Anthropology Major/Minor with a focus on archaeology and biological anthropology, students are advised to choose from the following course offerings:

  • 1200: Biological Anthropology
  • 1217: Forensic Anthropology
  • 1300: Archaeology
  • 2217: Forensic Methods and Analysis
  • 2300: Archaeological Methods
  • 2310: Archaeology of Death
  • 2320: Archaeology of the Old World
  • 2340: Archaeology of the Americas
  • 3211: Forensic Science: Fact and Fiction
  • 3220: Human Osteology
  • 3242: A Survey of the Primates
  • 3300: Archaeological Theory
  • 3301: Archaeological Methods for Cultural Resource Management
  • 3330: East Asian Archaeology
  • 3340: British Columbia Archaeology
  • 3361: Archaeological Field Studies
  • 3502: Special Topics in Biological Anthropology
  • 3503: Special Topics in Archaeology
  • 3510: Anthropology of Genocide
  • 4500: Culture, Community, & Well-Being
  • 4501: Selected Problems in Anthropology
  • 4502: Regional Focus in Anthropology 
  • 4510: Applied Research in Anthropology


Potential Careers

  • Become a University Professor or Museum Curator. Study the human skeleton and compare the physical appearance of people found all across the world.
  • Become someone who studies of mummies.
  • Become a Primatologist (someone who studies non-human primates — their conservation, research, and similarities to humans). Become a zoo researcher or conservationist. e.g. The Calgary Zoo
  • Become a Paleoanthropologist (someone who studies how humans evolved to their modern form).
  • Become a Forensic Anthropologist (specialists in the biological description of humans; descriptions of wounds and trauma to the skeleton; and genocide investigators). They are usually civilian consultants; and often professors with a Ph.D. in biological or forensic anthropology. Forensic anthropologists can get a job as a consultant for International Human Rights Missions and will document war crimes for future generations.
  • Become a Policeman with Forensic Training
    • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    • Stl'atl'imx Tribal Police
    • Vancouver City Police
  • Become a Forensic Artist and assist police agencies with sketches of missing people, suspects, and victim related crimes.
  • Become a Probation Officer