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Anthropology Faculty

Andrews, Ken B.A. (SFU), M.A. (W. Ont.)
Bumann, Ernest BSc (East Coast Bible College), MA (Jerusalem University College), MA (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), MEd (Exeter University), PhD (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Fessenden, Sarah BA (Biola), MA (CSULB), PhD (UBC)
Gordon, Ross PhD (Cultural Anthropology, U. Alberta 2013)
Lam, Vienna MA (Criminology – Forensic Anthropology), BA (Archaeology), BA (Anthropology & Criminology)
Migliore, Sam Professor Emeritus, PhD in Anthropology (McMaster)
Murphy, Julia BA Honours (Carleton), MES (York), Graduate Diploma in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (York), MA (York), PhD (York)
Pegg, Brian BA (WOnt), MA (SFU)
Petrillo, Larissa B.Sc. (Tor), MA (WLau), PhD (UBC)
Ramsey, Jason MA (UChicago), PhD (UChicago)
Stark, Ken BA (UBC), MA (UBC), PhD (Hawaii)
Stratton, Sabine B.Sc. (Alberta), BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)
Yoshida, Sara BA (SFU), MA (SFU)