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Mission Statement

We are a collegial and committed team who:

  • Inspire our learners to develop their passion for knowledge.
  • Cultivate our learners to develop their independent critical thinking skills.
  • Engage our learners by preparing them as global citizens for a diverse world.

We enact these goals through the practical integration of teaching, research, and reflexive experience.

Anthropology at KPU links the study of archaeology, biological Anthropology, and Cultural Anthropology in our program through the theme Culture, Community, and Well-Being. Our courses address issues related to the interrelationships among the individual, society, and culture, and how these impact individual and community well-being at local, regional, national, and international levels. Areas of specialization include, but are not restricted to: Aboriginal studies; gender & women's studies; biological, forensic, medical & environmental Anthropology; methods & ethics in anthropological research; human rights issues; audio-visual Anthropology; religion and spirituality; archaeology; cultural resource management; and specific geographic area studies (e.g., Asia Pacific, British Columbia, Sicily).

We launched the B.A. Major degree in Anthropology in September 2011 and our department is very excited about our future and the future prospects for our students.


Ken Andrews
Ernest Bumann
Julia Murphy
Brian Pegg
Larissa Petrillo
Jason Ramsey
Ken Stark
Sabine Stratton
Sara Yoshida

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