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Ernest Bumann BSc (East Coast Bible College), MA (Jerusalem University College), MA (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), MEd (Exeter University), PhD (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

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Fir 207
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Born and raised in Switzerland, I moved with my wife Rosanna and later together with our four children to different countries, such as Israel (8 years), the US (1 year), Germany (2 years), England (7 years) and finally Canada, where we immigrated in 2011. We have seen many places and enjoyed getting to know different people and cultures.

Courses Taught

Areas of Interest

Being an Egyptologist by trade, I love ancient civilizations, particularly the Ancient Near East (Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Syro-Palestine), where we find the oldest and most fascinating social developments in the history of mankind – some of which were handed down via Ancient Greece and Rome to form the foundations of the Western civilization. I love archaeology and how it explains our past but I also value historical sources, which add immense value to our historical understanding. I am also very interested in the interplay of different ancient cultures, peoples, and civilizations, which has led me into the anthropological fields of acculturation studies, social interference, and social amalgamation.

Scholarly Work