KPU’s Museum Lab

KPU Museum Lab

New Course Option  Available for Fall Term, 2023

KPU’s Museum Lab works in partnership with museums of the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, using a hands-on learning model. The Museum Lab is set up as a targeted two-course model with a preliminary Fall course focused on Contemporary Museum Practices, and a Spring Practicum course in which students work directly with partner museums. Students gain a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how museums operate, while also developing intercultural competence and direct employability skills in this area. 

KPU’s Museum Lab includes a relationship with regional museums. This funded program also provides for a $1000 award to individual students for completed projects at the end of the spring term. Tuition funding for the required two courses is also available for two Indigenous representatives from B.C. who wish to learn more about the development of Indigenous cultural centres and repositories associated with the Heritage Conservation Act (HCA) Transformation Project. 

Contemporary Museum Practices is offered as ANTH 3503 through the Anthropology Department this Fall term, but the course is open to students outside of the Anthropology Department. Entry to the courses is by special departmental permission and can be completed by filling in the required application form. 

In addition to their coursework, students in KPU’s Museum Lab have the opportunity to connect with KPU’s Curator in Residence. KPU’s Museum Lab welcomes student applications from all fields, including History, Indigenous Studies, Fine Arts and NGO and Nonprofit Studies. In their application, students are encouraged to describe their vision for the future of the heritage sector.

KPU’s Museum Lab will foster a greater appreciation of work in the heritage sector through public talks, guest lectures and facilitated interactions among students and museums, galleries, and museum-like organizations.

Please join us in welcoming this innovative program to KPU!

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