Experiential Learning


Kwantlen Polytechnic University takes pride in having students learn both in the classroom and out in the field through experiential learning

In Anthropology, this is particularly true with field schools and other courses that allow students to gain credits, experience and memories.  Please see the following courses and check out the Anthropology video on the Experiential Learning site, and also see the Field School videos.

Applied Research

Experiential / Service Learning

Field School

Studio Work / Lab Work

ANTH 3150: Ethnographic Field Studies (6 cr)

ANTH 2100: Methods and Ethics in Anthropology (3 cr)

ANTH 2190: NGOs in Context (3 cr)

ANTH 3190: NGOs in Practice (3 cr)

Applied Archaeology Field School - ANTH 3301: Archaeological Methods for Cultural Resource Management (3 cr)

ANTH 3340: British Columbia Archaeology  (3 cr)

ANTH 3361: Archaeological Field Studies (6 cr)

ANTH 1200: Biological Anthropology (3 cr)

ANTH 1217: Forensic Anthropology (3 cr)

ANTH 2217: Forensic Methods & Analysis (3 cr)

ANTH 2300: Archaeological Methods (3 cr)

ANTH 3220: Human Osteology (3 cr)

ANTH 3502: Special Topics in Biological Anthropology (3 cr)

ANTH 4510: Applied Research in Anthropology (3 cr)