Brian Pegg

BA (WOnt), MA (SFU)
Brian Pegg
Voicemail: 9034
Surrey Office: Fir 207
Surrey Campus: 604.599.3177
Richmond Office: Room 2360
Richmond Campus: 604.599.2519

Brian Pegg has been working professionally in archaeology and anthropology since 1990; his first archaeology job was excavating a 350-year old Odawa fishing village on the beautiful shoreline of Georgian Bay in Ontario. From there, Brian finished an undergraduate degree in Anthropology at the University of Western Ontario, and a graduate degree in archaeology from Simon Fraser University.   Brian has directed or worked on archaeological projects at buried Neutral and Ojibwa villages in Ontario, archaeological sites in the Northwest Territories, ancient shell middens and rock shelters in Baja California (Mexico), and 7,000-year-old fishing camps, alpine sites, and cedar harvest sites in British Columbia.  Brian has mentored many new recruits to the field of archaeology over the years, as well as providing specialized training to archaeologists with many years of experience.

Brian Pegg began teaching at KPU in 2008.  He developed and teaches the Applied Anthropology Field School, an ongoing research project which to date has involved students and First Nations in an investigation of the indigenous history of the Fraser Canyon.  Brian specializes in applied archaeology, community archaeology, cultural resource management (CRM), and colonial history.  Brian believes that archaeology should first and foremost serve the needs of descendent communities, and should be used to explain the present.  Brian expects many of his students to find work in the healthy BC CRM industry.  Prior to KPU, Brian worked as a consulting archaeologist in locations such as British Columbia, NW Territories, and Ontario, and still conducts a small amount of consulting work.  

Courses taught

  • ANTH 1100: Social & Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 1300: Archaeology
  • ANTH 2300: Archaeological Methods
  • ANTH 2340: Archaeology of the Americas
  • ANTH 3301: Archaeological Methods for Cultural Resource Management (Field School)
  • ANTH 3340: British Columbia Archaeology (Field School)
  • ANTH 3361: Archaeological Field Studies (Field School)
  • ANTH 3503: Special Topics in Archaeology