Student Opportunities


Below are a few of the scholarships available to KPU Creative Writing students:

  • David and Terry Atkinson Creative Writing Endowed Award
  • Creative Writing Award
  • Bess Coyne Creative Writing Award
  • Billeh Nickerson Award
  • PIPS Wordsmith Endowed Award
  • JoAnne Ward Creative Writing Award (updated requirements)

Application requirements and details for all awards:


For more details on the awards, please review the Scholarship, Bursary and Awards Guide. This guide contains important information such as complete descriptions of the awards that are available, award eligibility and specific requirements for certain awards (e.g. essays, proof of membership, etc.)

Beyond the Classroom

In the KPU Creative Writing Department, learner engagement extends beyond the classroom to encompass relationships with community and industry partners and peers. Learners are encouraged to engage in the broader literary community through building relationships with our visiting authors, publishing and festival partners, and producing and attending writing and performance events.

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