KPU Creative Writing




The KPU Creative Writing Department welcomes students into a rigorous and inspiring engagement with the craft of creative writing. Offering small class sizes and dedicated mentorship with award-winning instructors, Creative Writing at KPU nurtures creativity while honing the critical faculties necessary to communicate ideas and succeed in the field of writing, as well as other fields.

Courses are offered in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, screenwriting, and new media, as well as specific genres such as young adult literature, spoken word, and speculative fiction. The department provides a creative community for students developing their writing voice, and through engagement and volunteer opportunities with industry partners, encourages an active literary life both on campus and off.

Who Studies Creative Writing?

Students from many walks of life are drawn to study Creative Writing. In a Creative Writing classroom, students improve their skills in poetry, screenwriting and script writing, fiction, and nonfiction. Those who are interested in the digital world will find courses which explore the craft through web-based media, video, and sound. Skills learned in Creative Writing include excellence in writing, creative self-expression, interpersonal engagement in a community of peers, and the development of critical thinking skills. We welcome everyone who's ever been captivated by a story, a song, or a poem and yearns to be the one holding the pen.

Student Success

  • Shirin Moradi Galvez

    Shirin Moradi Galvez’s passion for writing began once they learned to lift a pencil. Growing up, Shirin wrote stories, lyrics, and screenplays as a past-time to fulfill their interest, a key influence that led them to study creative writing and English at KPU.