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General Studies

Student Discussion

General Studies allows you to build a highly personalized education plan. Through an Associate of Arts degree, a Diploma, or a Bachelor of Arts degree, General Studies students will seek opportunities that match their interests and create a unique academic path that suits their goals.

General Studies is the most flexible area of study at KPU, as it allows students to take courses from a variety of disciplines. General Studies is also one of the best ways to integrate your previous education into a Bachelors Degree.

Who studies General Studies?

You are independent, creative, and self-directed to build a unique vision based on your aspirations. For students whose interests are diverse and want to build a program as individual as they are, General Studies is an exciting education to explore.

Teacher Ready

Are you considering a teacher education? A Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is an excellent entry into the professional development or professional linking programs for elementary school teachers. Connect with our Arts Degree Advising team to learn more about this pathway to the classroom.

BA in General Studies: What does "General Studies" mean and how can I choose what to take as part of it?