Parthiphan Krishnan

BA (Hons) (Singapore), MSc (Aberdeen), M Phil (Edinburgh), PhD (Reading)
Surrey Office: Fir 236A
Langley Office: L1315

Areas of Interest

I am a human geographer who teaches regional geography of British Columbia and Canada, geographic information system (GIS) and research methods. My areas of interest and research include the application of GIS in socioeconomics issues, with particular focus on domestic violence, emergency planning, and urban agriculture.


Scholarly Work

  • Mullinix, K., Dorward, C., Shutzbank, M., Krishnan, K., Ageson, K. and Fallick, A. (2013) Beyond Protection: Delineating the Economic and Food Production Potential of Underutilized, Small-parcel Farmland in Metropolitan Surrey, British Columbia. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, Vol. 4, No.. 1. pp. 1-18.
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