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Welcome KPU Geography Alumni

Whether you took our courses as part of your university education, or are a graduate of one of our Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree programs, we welcome you as KPU Geography and the Environment Alumni. 

Proud of your accomplishments, and honoured to have played a part in your education, we would like to help create a true community of alumni—connected with one another and with the department.

We have a number of exciting alumni focused initiatives planned for 2021 and beyond, and have started to document the fascinating journeys of our graduates in the ‘Alumni Updates’ area below. 

We would love to hear from you! Please contact our Alumni Outreach Coordinator John Rose at to stay in touch.  

Alumni Updates

Year of Graduation:


Taya Bremner, Avneet Mathroo, Ben Ricketts, Aidan Shirley 


Jason Birring, Abeera Sattar, Arlena Street


Mary Diakow


Melanie Cooper, Malcolm Little

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