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Indigenous Community Justice

Minor in Indigenous Community Justice

Gain the knowledge and training relevant to and consistent with Indigenous justice, communities, cultures and knowledge.  Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who complete this Minor will gain necessary cultural and historical knowledge, attitudes, and skills to work respectfully and effectively with Indigenous peoples and communities in a wide variety of capacities, and to pursue further educational and professional opportunities specifically relating to Indigenous community justice.

Develop Skills

Be a part of this program and learn about:

  • Indigenous mobilization, political organization, self-determination, resurgence, and regeneration of communities and cultures
  • The impact of past, current, and ongoing colonialism
  • Indigenous ways of delivering justice, governance, and community structures
  • The significance of Indigenous languages, cultures, worldviews and their impact on humanity
  • The large variation of Indigenous methods of achieving justice among the numerous Indigenous communities across Canada, and more

Engage with imperative social justice issues, as well as:

  • Critique political, social, and economic motives behind the creation of cultural stereotypes
  • Interpret and critique colonialist attitudes, assumptions, and actions in relation to Indigenous rights and lands
  • Critically assess state responses to Indigenous activism and the criminalization of dissent
  • Research Indigenous scholarship